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This is all wildly optimisti

Alu is Lombardozi
Garcia has to hit 30 homers or win a batting title to justify his miserable defense.
Ruiz is a slap hitter who will only play about 120 games
Thomas is a light hitting corner OFer
Abrams is Dee Gordon without the PEDs

That gets you, maybe, 68 wins.

Wood has an enormous hole in his swing and was exposed as soon as he went somewhere you could spin a breaking ball

Green's hole is so enormous, he's probably Joey Gallo

House? Who is that? The 18 year old with a debilitating back injury? He's never going to play a full season for the Nats

Where in the world do you get that about Wood? In 2021 he hit .372 with an OBP of .465 in 101 plate appearances. In 2022 he hit .313 with an OBP of .420.