Author Topic: Bryce: All things considered, I'd Rather be in Philadelphia  (Read 22138 times)

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He's making the best of it rocking the 80s hair band look
Anyone can see Bryce has insane buyer's remorse. Guy spent like 4 years preparing for "the biggest free agency in history" and ended up having to settle for Philadelphia, the team and city he never wanted. He can laugh all the way to the bank of course but it's almost kind of sad how much of a shell of himself he's become. He's an act now, playing the role of team leader on a rudderless team with a terrible farm system, bad GM, bad manager and old roster.

He's, like, the 8th most popular player in his own city right now. Gritty is ahead of him. Hell, Nick Foles plays for the Jaguars and he's more popular.