Author Topic: Bryce: All things considered, I'd Rather be in Philadelphia  (Read 26807 times)

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from today's Kevin Goldstein FG chat:

George: It was rumored there was a Harper to the Astros trade in the works in his walk year. How close to being done was that trade and do you remember who was involved?
Kevin Goldstein: It would be in bad taste to talk about the players involved, but I went to bed that night believing Bryce Harper was an Astro.

goldstein was in the Astro's front office before rejoining FG today.

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That jives with the general reporting that Rizzo had a deal done and the Lerners blocked it. I would bet money Rizzo got the green light from Mark early on, but Mark chickened out.

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I wonder how Nats fans would have felt if he went to Houston and they won a WS that year.