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Robles hasn't been Acuna, but he's had a pretty solid rookie season showing off why he was a top rated 5 tool prospect.  .255   .328   .756 with 26 SBs and 17 HRs isn't too shabby.  Plus the defense!

And, he's getting better as the season goes on:

Last 30: .289   .359   .439
Last 15: .315   .373   .481
Last 7: .435   .500   .565
The Clubhouse / Re: Sportsbooks to Open at Nats Park
« Last post by PowerBoater69 on Today at 09:34:46 AM »
The city is being sued over the selection of Intralot for the mobile betting contract with no competitive bidding. Add this to the potential suit over the exclusive ballpark zones. What a mess Evans made.
The Clubhouse / Re: Worst Offensive Performance - 2019
« Last post by imref on Today at 09:19:20 AM »
Zuck notes over our recent 5-8 stretch:

Over their last 13 games, Nationals starters own a 2.99 ERA. They're holding opponents to a .209 batting average and .671 OPS. They've struck out 89 batters in 75 1/3 innings. That's very good.

The Nationals have scored an average of 4.1 runs per game during this 13-game stretch, and even that number is a bit misleading because they've scored 40 of their 53 runs in only five games. (Not coincidentally, those are the five wins in the last 13 games.)

That means the Nationals have scored only 13 runs in their last eight losses. That's a problem.

A few regulars are struggling. Adam Eaton, after a torrid August, is batting .188 with a .579 OPS in September. Ryan Zimmerman, aside from a handful of big extra-base hits, isn't doing much else. He's batting .212 this month.

The team misses Kurt Suzuki. As admirable a job as Yan Gomes has done taking over nearly everyday duties behind the plate, Suzuki's absence the last two weeks with an elbow injury has been noticeable, making the bottom half of the lineup a lot less imposing than it was not long ago.

And the bench has turned downright impotent. Gerardo Parra is 1-for-21 this month, continuing a disturbing and long-term slump that has made his earlier season heroics seem like a distant memory. Matt Adams was already mired in a major funk before spraining his left shoulder. Brian Dozier is 2-for-13 this month and seeing very little playing time.

Put that all together and throw in some legitimately bad luck on well-struck balls - Asdrúbal Cabrera should've had a three-run homer late in Wednesday's game but was robbed by Dexter Fowler on a brilliant play at the right field fence - and this what you end up with.
The Clubhouse / Re: September 28th game
« Last post by JCA-CrystalCity on Today at 09:19:07 AM »
You're doing this on Faith Day?  Just to :poke: the Christians?

The Faith Day folks are already going. The real problem is Max's will be closed for Shabbat.  No falafel has meant no wins this year.  I've tried the veggie pupusas instead but the mojo is not the same.
Gameday Threads / Re: Nationals @ Cardinals, Game 3
« Last post by GburgNatsFan on Today at 09:13:59 AM »
SS and CF were usually the athletes.     They helped a third and second baseman out  ....   alot.      :)     Nah, my bunt wasn't Scherzeresque.    It was more a matter of the time it took me to get to first base at 90, instead of 60 feet.

These days there's a distance in between. I think they play a year or so at 75 feet. Coulda made all the difference for you.
The Clubhouse / Re: September 28th game
« Last post by GburgNatsFan on Today at 09:05:56 AM »
You're doing this on Faith Day?  Just to :poke: the Christians?

Had a member tell me they didn't know about the Meet & Greet game on the 28th, so I'm posting this for folks that don't get into the pinned threads.

Join us if you can at 2:30 in the Bud Light Loft...details at the hotlink above...

It will be good, clean family fun.   :roll:  (We've asked Skippy to control her vulgarities)  :D
The Clubhouse / Re: Nats Outfield Defense
« Last post by JCA-CrystalCity on Today at 08:56:13 AM »
The Nationals outfield has the best defense in baseball. According to outs above average. And they are first by a wide margin. In fact, it’s the largest gap between first and second place since they have been measuring (albeit only 4 years).

are you reading that table right?  I read it as saying the Nats have the biggest improvement (from -16 to +24, or 40 runs better than 2018) but that at least Milwaukee and the Twins are more runs above average in 2019 at +34 and +30.
The Clubhouse / Re: Wild Card watch
« Last post by JCA-CrystalCity on Today at 08:51:19 AM »
for the record, the 2011 Red Sox blew a 9 game lead in the WC in September. Wiki:
After leading the Tampa Bay Rays by nine games in the AL wild card race on September 3—when their odds of reaching the postseason peaked at 99.6%—the Red Sox lost 18 of their final 24 games.[6] On the last day of the season, September 28, a ninth inning Red Sox blown save loss against the Baltimore Orioles,[7] coupled with an extra inning come from behind victory by the Rays over the Yankees,[8] made the Rays the AL wild card winners, eliminating the Red Sox from postseason contention.
The Clubhouse / Re: What’s so great about Trea Turner?
« Last post by JCA-CrystalCity on Today at 08:44:51 AM »
I’m still waiting for Turner to steal a base. It’s been weeks since Tuesday. Turner and Eaton bring nothing to the top of the lineup.
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