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I predict he'll sign a one year contract within the next two weeks. He'll have a decent year platooning. Looking forward to it.
The Clubhouse / Re: 2020 WNFF Fundraiser (Goal met!)
« Last post by DCFan on Today at 02:10:20 PM »
I thought boomers didn't believe in Amazon :stir:

In this day and age you have boomers that are retired along with their parents. In my case my mom is still kicking down in Florida. It’s my parents generation that still gets a morning newspaper, watches the news on TV and goes to stores to shop. I’d say most boomers are on board with e commerce. The amazon truck stops at my house quite a bit.
The Clubhouse / Re: World Series Ring
« Last post by dracnal on Today at 01:04:30 PM »
What kind of idiot would want their team's ownership to be like Dan Snyder, anyway?

Lots of folks are into self-harm or, alternately, masochism (want to be clear I'm not conflating the two). If they want to do psychic cutting, instead of something more physical, who are you to judge?
Guilty until proven innocent for a douche bag like McCann!
The Red Loft / Re: Soccer 2019/20
« Last post by JCA-CrystalCity on Today at 12:36:34 PM »
Liverpool should be up 2-3 goals v. man u, but it's 1-0 at the start of the 2d half. 
Do you have any actual evidence that McCann cheated?

If anyone on the 2017 Astros seems likely to have not participated in the sign-stealing antics, other than pitchers, it seems like it would be McCann, given that (a) he hit rather poorly at home that season, (b) as a catcher, he is likely to have a different attitude toward sign-stealing than other position players, and (c) his nickname of "Fun Police" makes me think that at some point other players decided he wasn't the kind of player to play along with stuff. Whether he knew about it and didn't say anything is a separate matter, but baseball does seem to have its own code of silence.
No evidence that he payed attention consciously to the drumming, or whether they drummed when he was up, but he had to be completely clueless if, for example, the Barves pitchers like Fiers knew it was going on.  Unless there was a cone of silence around him, he is at least guilty of obeying Omerta.  Maybe Omerta is one of the unwritten rules, so his cheating was the right way?
The Clubhouse / Re: 2020 WNFF Fundraiser (Goal met!)
« Last post by The Chief on Today at 12:20:15 PM »
I thought boomers didn't believe in Amazon :stir:
The Clubhouse / Re: 2020 WNFF Fundraiser (Goal met!)
« Last post by DCFan on Today at 11:12:23 AM »
We're set for 2020 and then some, thanks to all! :clap: :thumbs:

I want a refund then. An Amazon gift card would be acceptable. ;)
The Out of Town Scoreboard / Re: Astros stealing signs
« Last post by bluestreak on Today at 10:46:17 AM »
WTF?  Typical.  Total waste of time/resources.

The steroid scandal warranted interference because it involved controlled substances, interstate commerce, underground PED rings, questionable medical practices, etc.

This?  Might as well launch an investigation into why the nWo were able to recruit referee Nick Patrick and get him to rob The Giant of the WCW title against Hollywood Hogan.

(Image removed from quote.)

No relation to Danny McBride

If it results in Congress removing the antitrust exemption, I’m all for it.
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