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Re: Rule 5 draft - 2022
« Topic Start: November 16, 2022, 11:20:41 AM »
And (quoting myself), my pick would be this dude:

He did well in AA this year, he's a legitimate CF, hits lefty, and he'll be 25 in January.  Yes, he strikes out a lot.  So does everyone these days.  But having seen him a couple times in person, I think he could handle the majors next year if you picked him. 
  Looks like his ISO was .180 at AA and will take a walk.  The Ks are high, but that's the case for Robles, too. 

FWIW, a site Elvir won't look at had him as TB's #11 prospect this summer:
Misner entered his draft spring as a strapping, tooled-up outfielder who hadn’t performed to expectations during his first two seasons at Missouri, in part because his swings had issues, and also because of a foot injury. He struggled more than was hoped during his draft year, too, especially against SEC pitching (.222/.353/.315), but the raw power/straight line speed combo enticed Miami at pick 35 anyway. He was always going to be a slow-burning developmental project, especially for a college hitter, but the missed 2020 season created an unfortunate gap in Misner’s ability to show he could make relevant on-field adjustments.

By the middle of 2021, it was clear that he had. Misner began performing on paper (.253/.355/.433 split between High- and Double-A) and had undergone a swing overhaul. His stance was narrowed and opened up, the angle of his bat as his hands load had changed, and his stride had shortened. While he’s still striking out a lot, the changes seem to have helped him get to more of his impressive raw power in games, and his speed gives him a real ability to play center field, creating some margin for error regarding the strikeouts. Misner still hasn’t performed at an age-appropriate level (now 24, he crushed bad Fall League pitching after the regular season) but the Rays thought enough of his changes to trade Joey Wendle for him, straight up. The 2022 season is Misner’s 40-man roster evaluation year, and he’s part of the crowded short-term mix of Josh Lowe, Brett Phillips, Kevin Kiermaier, and Austin Meadows who make up the contingent of lefty-hitting, upper-level outfielders in this org who could conceivably platoon all over the outfield.

FWIW, his 2nd half of the year had a drop in strikeouts in 2022, and he seems to have a lot more trouble making contact with lefties.  Using Elvir's link, he had 40 Ks in 96 ABs vs LHP,  115 in 319 vs RHP; vs LHP - .188 / .339 / .385, vs RHP - .270/.398/.445.

Almost sounds like a guy the Nats could platoon in CF with Thomas (or Robles) if things worked out.