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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Diamondbacks, Game 3 (L)
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Quote from: "2k6nats"
Yes, very nice sig n2p!

I think the Chief did it.  He was gone so long and is growing cobwebs on his Natless TV.  Funny thing, in 2005, I originally had a Senators pitchers avatar and one of the mods fixed the background.  Then Minty came on with the same avatar with a black background, so I switched to the little kid with the ball.  This was maybe a day or two after someone fixed my avatar.  For some reason, the kid stops throwing the ball sometimes on here.  

I like the shorter width of the sig.  Soriano HAS to sign with us now, or it would mess us the sig.  The other 3 players are the ones on the Nationals official Web site.  Kenz aFan's sig section in his Avatars group didn't have anything available to use.  I had the Vermont Lake MONSTERS official site bar as the first signature I used here.  It is pretty cool looking, but it's too wide.