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Just Some Thoughts
« Topic Start: August 26, 2005, 08:18:29 AM »
If you missed it check out the article in the DC Examiner  ( or listed on the DC Nats Bulletin Board). Bowden talks about what has been done so this year in rebuilding the farm system.

Bowden has been a source of frustration with us (leaving Rick in AAA for one) but we thank him for his efforts to build a foundation for this franchise. The team has made more progress then I thought possible and he deserves our thanks.

With all the injuries and frustration the Nats are still only a couple of games out. I am not making excuses but not only do we have a team to root for but a playoff race to boot. Nats fans at Bowie shared the same sentiment with me last week at Bowie.

With the series against the Reds in the books Nats fans should take heart the future looks good and there is some real talent in the pipeline.

Ian Desmond is a joy to watch in the field. He has a cannon for an arm and amazing range. His error total has been high but keep in mind that his ability to range far and wide will lead to more errors and he is learning. At Greensboro regulars on the first base line would cringe on a ground ball to short because of Jeter?s habit of throwing the ball into the stands.

Ryan Zimmerman has the desire and natural talent to be one of the best third baseman in DC baseball history

Frank Diaz is another fielder with great range and a plus arm. He has some pop in his bat and looks to be the answer in center field.

It looks to be a tough series (Some time back Boswell called it a key series if the Nats will make a run for it) against the Cardinals but RFK will be rocking. We were able to get out to St. Louis earlier in the year to see the Cardinals play and there were some Nats fans in attendance. The stadium reminded us so much of RFK that we felt at home (as did the high food prices and poor quality). Once again we will be able to catch one of the best players in baseball, Jose Albert Pujols.

The franchise we hope the Nats copy is the Braves. They do a great job developing players. Watch the Pelicans or Macon/Rome Braves play, coaching is top notch and the players work hard.

Once again Ponson is in the news. My first encounter with Ponson was at Bowie when he was using the video camera to check out females in the stands. His pitching skills have been undermined by his immaturity. I can understand the Orioles frustration with him but they signed him to a second tour knowing about his problems. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on me.