Author Topic: Things that are better than off-days (2024 edition)  (Read 106 times)

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I'll go first:

Josiah Gray's opening day start.

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Clarity of the Lerner family's intentions for the Nationals

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Marquette three-point shooting.

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MLB TV broadcasts minor league games on their app (if you pay the $29.99 for game audio). It's not a bad way to get past an off-day. There's also and MiLB phone app.

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The Caps are in the playoffs which seemed unlikely just a week ago. The Nats just won two out of three from the Dodgers in L.A. The Commanders don't have an owner not named Snyder and are about to draft a top college quarterback. The Wizards season is thankfully over. Not a bad time to take a break and reflect on the rosier outlook of D.C. sports which while still not good but there's hope.

P.S. - In a week the Caps will be on the verge of elimination. The Nats will be swept by the Dodgers at home. The Commanders will pick the wrong quarterback. The Wizards will announce higher ticket prices for next year. All hope will be gone for D.C. sports.