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Re: Report: Wieters Nearing Deal with Nats
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I don't understand what's going on exactly.

So the White Sox are reportedly willing to trade Robertson for Severino, and not only that, but eat some of the salary as well? And we are holding this up because we don't want to trade Severino?

The Severino of the career .632 OPS in over 1500 minor league PA? The Severino who OPSd .653 in AAA last year, with an ISO of .066 and just 15 extra base hits in 317 PA? Andrew Stevenson had the same number of extra base hits in 40 fewer PA at AA last season and he might not even hit enough to be a starter despite playing plus-plus CF.

I mean...

Isn't there a 75% chance we're just trading a good defensive backup C?