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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
« Reply #425: September 11, 2008, 09:40:09 AM »
I think that is exactly the case. Seriously. Dude, everyone here, St. Claire, the Nats' announcers, EVERYONE, pleaded with Luis to go back to throwing his great low 90s fastball that he lived on for years but he would not want to throw anything but hanging sliders and change ups. Now look at him. He didn't throw anything but fastballs the last two nights. It's bull**** and makes me sick. Players piss on this organization while they are here and then go elsewhere and decide to perform. Ayala was one of the bottom 3 relievers in ALL OF BASEBALL while he was here and now he's a closer for a 1st Place Team. It's bull**** and I can't stand it. Ayala is the definition of scum bag trash.

While it is hard to imagine a player intentially tanking, Ayala is on my crap list because of everything you point out. He refused the instruction he was getting to stick with his sinking FB 80% of the time. And while one could argue he had lost confidence, it is known that he was not happy about not getting the closer job after Chad went down and then after Rauch was traded. So part of me blames his own whining attitude. He's paid a lot of money to be a relief pitcher. If he had actually pitched well the way he is capable of, he would have had a lot of advocates for the closer role. But instead, he sulked, got sloppy, and cost us a lot of games.