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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
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ouch. Zimmerman just said that "There's no place for those kind of antics in this game" when being asked a question about Dukes. He said that it's really not his place to answer that question but that Dukes is a very emotional guy and has a lot to learn. He also said Dukes showed how talented he is tonight.

I don't think Dukes is on good terms with everyone in the clubhouse. I think he ruffles some of the guys the wrong way.

I really have no problem with what Zim said and neither should Dukes.  If he was really, really pissed he would've charged Pelfrey when he did get hit.  I genuinely feel that Dukes knows he overreacted when he hit the homer and almost got hit the pitch. 

And Zim is the leader of the team - appointed by the think tank and Manny (not us) - so he has that freedom to speak.  He wasn't throwing him under the bus, he made one brief comment on the situation but said it wasn't his to say and that Dukes is very talented. 

I'm sure Dukes doesn't get along with everyone, but for the most part he's done a decent job in keeping his head on straight and keeping his name out of the negative headlines.  It's a long season, tempers will flare between teammates, player vs. opposing player, player vs. umpire, player vs. manager and hell even player vs. fan. 

It's subsiding his anger/emotions that will be key.