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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
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I couldn't disagree more.  People jokingly call the NFL the "no-fun league" but baseball is still much, much worse.  The sport needs to stop being so uptight.  If a guy has a zest for the game, he should be able to celebrate proud moments on the field.  Things like Milledge's high-fiving of fans and Dukes's chest pump add an extra thrill to moments of triumph.

Ugh, Perez is such a piece of crap.  Will he even get out of this inning?

No where in there did I say a player can't celebrate. I love that crap. It's the way DUKES celebrates. If there was a celebration meter for each player - 1 being "shows no emotion" and 10 being "overdoes it" - Dukes would be at 10 after EVERY home run he hits. People should only reach 10 on a walk-off of any kind, IMO.