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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 1
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what pains me is, we could've broke the game WIDE OPEN in the 4th. we scored 5 but it could've been much more. Figueroa was terrified of Dukes so he walked him on 4 pitches and then Boone grounded into a double play.
Yep. Boone, a normally aggressive free-swinger, took a 1-0 meatball BP fastball right down the freaking middle of the plate. He could have easily smacked that ball for a Sac Fly if not base hit. Figures that he would swing two pitches later at a ball right on his knuckles. We are in dire need for a starting 1B-Man. Not acquiring one in the off-season would be a huge let down. To go into next season with any of NJ, Young, Casto, or Boone as your starting 1B-man would be disastrous.