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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
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Potomac-Wilmington (5th Inning):  Potomac has one hit, which also happens to be their only run, Michael Burgess.  The DH, Matt Rogelstad, hits into a 4-3 ground out.  King, who struck out his first time up, hits a pair of foul balls and gets to a full count, paving the way for a walk on the next pitch by Teaford.  The first pitch to Burgess is a breaking ball that bounces off the catcher's mask, allowing King to move to second with one out.  The Wilmington pitching coach is back out on the mound looking at Teaford.  Another wild pitch, which Burgess swings on, moves King to third.  Burgess fails to capitalize and puts forth one of his notorious strikeouts.  Solano leaves King stranded with a fly ball to the outfield.

Detwiler with a no-hitter through four.  Detwiler seems to be relying on his curveball when he has the 0-2 count.  It has mostly successful, but not when he tried it on Jarrod Dyson.  Fortunately, Detwiler was still able to get Dyson to ground out (5 ground outs vs 4 fly outs for Detwiler).  Derek Robinson hits a ball up the middle of the field; Dan Lyons stops the ball but is not able to prevent the no-hitter from being broken on the infield single.  Paolo Orlando, who has struggled against Detwiler tonight, gets behind Detwiler with a 0-2 count.  Orlando then hits the next pitch to Ross Detwiler, who finishes off the inning with a 1-4-3 double play.

P-Nats 1, Wilmington 0
Due Up:  Whiting-Martinez-Lyons