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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
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Potomac-Wilmington (4th inning):  Lyons pops the ball for Potomac out #1.  Lefave knocks a couple deep foul balls before finally flying out to the left fielder.  It seems that Edward Teaford has developed some type of blister on his finger, the Wilmington bullpen is showing activity.  Teaford has dominated us so far, except for the Burgess hit.  Brown stikes out on a controversial call, Brown has some words for the home plate ump as he walks away from Teaford's sixth strikeout.  It would be nice Teaford if unable to continue.

Detwiler starts out the inning with a 2-2 strikeout, using his curveball.  4 Ks for Detwiler, with three being the last trio of batters.  Johnson grounds the ball to Daniel Lyons, who charges and makes the play for out #2.  Detwiler is starting to settle into a rhythm now.  Howell ends the inning by grounding out to Dan Lyons as well.  After the shaky start, Detwiler has found his control and is inducing the groundball instead of letting the batters nail it to the outfield.

P-Nats 1, Wilmington 0

No-hitter through 4!  :woop: