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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 3
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Wilmington-Potomac (Bottom of the 15th):  With Whiting waiting at third, the pitcher throws a WILD PITCH!  ITS A WILD PITCH!  Whiting goes into dead sprint mode, he slides feet first!  HES SAFE! PNATS WIN!

Dan Leatherman gets my vote for player of the game, for his 4 innings of solid relief (and the winner of the game).  Boomer Whiting gets a nod as well for the effort he put into a.) get a hit in the 15 b.) steal second and c.) take home on a wild pitch.  Luis Atilano also gets some recognition for his very very solid start.

P-Nats take game one, tomorrow Erik Arnesen takes the mound for game #2.

this will definitely put leatherman on the radar and maybe a long look in spring training.  as for whiting, i saw him play for louisville in the college world series a few years back.  hard nosed player with great range, good contact and very good speed.  would like to see him continue to progress - he had a good year.