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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 3
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The guy's a cheap-shot artist.  He "accidently" elbowed Hanley in the throat after Hanley slid into 2b.  Another game, he grounded to 1b, and came inside the line and "accidentally" shoved a Marlin pitcher coming over to cover the bag (Nelson?) to the ground.  I want a major payback.

oh, well you missed what he did last night. he dove at Flores' legs on a play at the plate and put flores out for the game and likely longer. and no 'accident" about it.

that's why he got thrown at in the 1st inning tonight, and that's why Milledge took him down at 2nd base as well.

how that play turned into an 8-page thread whining about him crowding the plate is beyond me.