Author Topic: Most Depressing Moment of My Life!!!  (Read 1085 times)

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Most Depressing Moment of My Life!!!
« Topic Start: April 01, 2006, 08:25:24 PM »
Not quite, but GMU's loss ranks up there. Before them, I never understood why March Madness was so popular. Until George Mason, I wasn't able to comprehend that passion these people have for the sport thats untainted by over-filled contracts. Especially George Mason, those players would've never imagined they'd make it to the Final Four. I have a soft spot for underdogs. That's why I fell in love with the Nats in the first place. The Gators didn't deserve it, they're just too talented and tall. It really hurts me to know that Tony Skinn, Lamar Butler and the others are in their last year and probably will never get this opportunity again. Realistically, they won't make it to the NBA and the only way they can advance their basketball careers is probably to go over to Europe. Now Florida and LSU/UCLA will make it to the Finals and all the flavor for me is lost from this tournament. I doubt that there will be a team like GMU ever again in the tournament. I'm just really bummed out.

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Most Depressing Moment of My Life!!!
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well, a lot of people just love the passion that the players show and love it more than the NBA (which a lot of people hate - too much money and no passion) and a lot of people root for their Alma Mater. Not to mention the pools and money.
Most of the time, NCAA > professional.

GMU - wow, i couldnt believe what they did, and yea, Butler, Skinn, et al will probably not become stars in the NBA. But they were in the spotlight and the hearts of millions of kids and adults and had everyone rooting for them. Sometimes the team that just isnt as talented but has a lot of heart cant win. Its too bad they didnt win. But i wouldnt worry about GMU. Laranegga is a great coach who recruits well (i think all 5 starters are from Maryland) and smart. And a lot of people just jumped on the GMU bandwagon, too.

This is how i felt last year when my Steelers lost to the Pats, and when my Caps lost to the Red Wings in 98.