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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Hi Greg.  Welcome to a mix of friendly helpful Nats fans and a few trouble makers who can't find good comments to make about anything.  There's lots of insights shared on here and those aren't limited to baseball.

I don't think I ever posted in here.

My name is Greg. I am in Newark Delaware. Born in Seaford Delaware.

My father and uncles grew up with Delino Deshields. My grandmother used to make them pancakes. They said he was really good at basketball too, and that he could dunk in high school. Obviously I wasn't there but heard those stories. I never met him but grew up with family members of his. If I ever meet him I will ask him about those stories.

But thats not why I am a Nationals fan. I was never an expos fan.

I never had a team. A rebellious child I didn't like Baltimore or Philly like others. I didn't have a team. I wanted to like Baltimore because I like Cal Ripken Jr. But I never felt a fan relationship with that team, just certain players. When Expos decided to move to D.C., I think I identified with the team. If anyone remembers, there was a fight to get them here. Some didn't want a Baseball team. I felt like an unwanted child growing up. So I finally found my team.

I have a beautiful amazing wife. She is a nuclear engineer. Very talented. I am incredibly blessed to have met her. We have to wonderful children. Finley she is 5 years old this month. Sterling he is 17 months this month. Baby #3 is in the oven.

I just recently started learning guitar. I have a Fender Strat. I love cars. I drive a Charger SRT 392.

I watch most Nationals games. I have Directv only for MASN.