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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Hi everyone!  New SPH in section 116 and jumped in the deep end with a full package.  Would love any help and feedback on getting the most out of my plan, i.e. when's autograph day and hot stove (Don't think I have the best ticket rep in the org), best thing to do with games i can't use, etc.  Been trying to read up on the points program, too.

Looking forward to the year!

Autograph day is at winterfest in December. You just missed it. Hot stove is usually in late January/ early February, if I recall correctly.

My tip ok RCR points. Use them for tickets throughout the season. Don’t Save up for auctions. Unless you’ve got a bunch of seats, someone always has way more points than you and you’ll be stuck. In fact. I don’t know how some folks got so many points.

As a way to increase rewards watch here for the radio and ballpark end of game codes. Usually someone posts them in the RCR thread and you can find it on twitter (@redcarpetcodes)