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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Hello, everyone.  I grew up in Arlington and have lived in the DC area my entire life.  I saw my first Senators games -- double header against the Yankees -- in 1964, so I love RFK Stadium.  After 30-odd years of no baseball here, I was amazed at how excited I was anticipating the Nationals first game in April 2005.  I've been hooked ever since (although I did stop going to games between May 2006 and the Grand Re-Opening, because I felt it was criminal the way MLB had set the franchise up to fail). 

I'm really looking forward to this season, not because the Nats will be very good, but because I don't have any fears that they'll be leaving, and that means that we can watch the franchise grow and eventually reap the benefits.  And besides, you can't beat fun at the old ball park. 

I probably wont post much, but I'm going to try to read the boards every day.