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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
« Topic Start: April 07, 2006, 09:10:13 AM »
Quote from: "Nat of the LivingDead"
Quote from: "tomterp"
Welcome to the "other side", NatOTLD.

Nothing wrong with being in two dimensions, simultaneously!

Thanks.  Nothing wrong with it at all.  Although lately I've been looking for a forum a little more troll free.  Hopefully, this place will suit me fine.

I find this board has certain advantages.  For one, you can post to a gameday thread easier and quicker, the software is just more user friendly for this purpose IMHO.  Also, as you pointed out, it is a troll-free zone.  Sometimes you'd just like to be able to speak candidly to other Nats fans without having some troll ridiculing you.  

The Chief, Ken and J-Mad do a great job of presenting links and other resources, so I come here first when I want to find something Nats related outside of the MLB board.

And now it looks like we can post pictures, so life is good!