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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 1
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The Nationales radio team said during the 1st inning that Uggla was assigned to be the Assistant Manager for last night's game.  He helped prepare the lineup and sat with Fredi the whole game, going over everything together.  I thought of you when they said that.  Maybe they'll use a squirrel next...

On MLB Extra Innings Free Preview the announcers noted that the Marlins' current stadium/ball park/etc is lighted for football games, which is horrible for baseball, and causes lots of errors.

(Image removed from quote.)

At least Fredi is quite as dumb as McKeon.  He's not yet gone out for a pitching change while the Marlins are batting.  The announcers embellished heavily.  Uggla took out the lineup card.

The stadium lighting has been an issue since baseball started being played there. The corner OFs have an especially tough time as they have to look directly into the lights on most fly balls.  Every team that comes in makes the same complaint, as do the Marlins themselves.  As a baseball parks go, it's a good football stadium.  Just wait until August and September when the Dolphins tear up the field.  There will be patch of dead grass from the RC wall running behind the SS and 3B - thats the visiting team sideline.  The center of the football field is in RC, and that area is always badly torn up.