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Great Fan Forum!
« Topic Start: July 09, 2005, 02:31:51 AM »
This is indeed a nice place, no Zimm/Larry, and co. so far, for one thing.

I just found out about it and registered today, and I like it a lot already.

I have been looking for a good baseball board for a while now, and have posted occasionally on the MLB one, but things have gotten a lot worse than in the old days when the moderators used to do a lot of cleaning up.  

I usually post about other stuff and spend a lot of time on the Washington Post messege board and check out a few times everyday as well.  

I will likely find time to post here too though, if not quite as frequently.  But if things get boring around my usual haunts, since it is the offseason for football, I will be hanging around here for sure.