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Re: It's 50/50
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Quote from: "Hardball in DC"
I'm the guy behind Nationals Farm Authority.  

Justin Maxwell has another year of eligibility left and likely will cost more to sign than an average fourth-rounder.  As for his non-signing with Texas, he turned down close to $1 million last year.  

My guess is the Nationals will probably sign him but not in time for him to get any realistic playing time in 2005

Thx, I was hoping to see him play in 2005. :cry:   :? :(  :roll:  :evil:

Well, before he got injure...he had some pretty interesting stats.HE was battign for more then 400 with 3homers in 22ab.

From what I read, he's a nice five tool player because he stole a good amout of bases last year for Maryland and according to his coach he's great defensively.

Like I said many times, if this guy stays healthy, we've  a gem in our hands.