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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 3 (W)
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Greetings, folks.

I checked out for a while, Nats losing 3-2.

After having read a book, brushed teeth, said a prayer and fed the fish, we are winning 9-3.  Hope I can remember that sequence tomorrow.

I am really happy for Marlon.  He brings a lot of enthusiasm to the game, and with his athleticism, he must have been really frustrated at times this season.  But he's putting forth a major claim on a key role next season.  

In other action, I root for both Boston and NY to lose, and Indians to win.

go Indians as well......also rooting for the Angels as my man Vladimir is with them (wouldn't he look good in a Nats uniform....shame)...agree Byrd is staking a claim on a starting job for next year and Zimm sure looks like he might be a good's a small sample and only time will tell but right now he's looking pretty good....Zimm just made a good play according to the Marlins announcers on XM....

In case you didnt know, the ANGELS have already clinched

now the Angels need to go all the way....

you know out of impulse I was about to say WHAT ABOUT THE NATS?

maybe next year we will go all the way......