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Corey Patterson
« Topic Start: July 08, 2005, 05:39:23 PM »
Just throwing this out there....

Would it be such a bad idea to take a flyer on Patterson?  We saw up close how Reyes's speed killed us in the Mets series, and Patterson may even be faster than him.  I know that he has Endy Chaves-itis, but if we could coach him to take a few pitches and work the count some more, he could be a real asset.  We have no functional speed on this team - no effective pinch runners where if we are down by one and get a man on in the 8th, that we could manufacturer a run with a stolen base, sac bunt, sac fly.

He may need a new environment and I thought he would be a real player.  Doesn't seem like we would have to give up much at this point either.



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corey patterson
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As far as the Cubs are concerned, Patterson has become somewhat of a malcontent.  It's unsure whether they are trying to send him a message by demoting him to the farm, or they've simply given up on him.  His speed and power are definitely assets we can use.  But is FR willing to give him a full-time shot in the outfield?  With his considerable salary and sullen attitude, having him here to just on the bench and be a part-time player may only aggravate his situation and hurt our overall cause.