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BP Centerfield Rankings
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From today's Baseball Propectus' Newsletter:


Bottom 5 2007 NL Center Fielders, by VORP

Player, Team, EqA, VORP

Jason Lane, HOU, .210, -9.1
Steve Finley, COL, .153, -8.1
Felix Pie, CHN, .212, -5.7
Alejandro De Aza, FLO, .205, -5.7
Brett Carroll, FLO, .133, -5.2

What there isn't a single National outfielder on this list!
How could that be?  There are teams that are worse off than the Nat's in CF.
And look three of those teams made the playoffs!
Individual pieces do not make a bad team.  It's how those individual piece play together that make winning teams.  Look at the 2007 Yankees. Great team pieces, but lousy team chemistry.

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Re: BP Centerfield Rankings
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Only 2 of those teams made the playoffs. But you make a good point.