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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2 (W)
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True.  And if this type of thing makes them this upset, they have a lot to learn.

Out of curiosity? How old is everybody else here? And yes my masters I do realize I have a lot to learn. Seriously, it was less than a year a go that I didnt know what an RBI was. And the only teams I had heard of were the Red Sox, Yankees and Marlins.

20.  But I'm hardly a prolific poster.

edit: Whoops!   I thought that question might have garnered a few more replies than it did -- I was in class until 10:30 tonight so I read the thread through to get a sense of the game (aye!).  To continue the other completely inconsequential bickering, my five favorite groups at the present moment (certainly not of all time!) are:

The Beach Boys
The Hollies
Primal Scream
The Stone Roses

I heart pop music.

[WARNING: OFF-TOPIC SUBJECT MATTER.  Sue me, I've been a good citizen on this board all season long!  Give me this musical indulgence after the game!]

Hey.  Not bad for a 20 year old.  (I'm a hardcore muso, 4000+ CDs, nearly every group of note from the '60 to the '80s).  I'm especially surprised to see someone our age - or heck, ANYONE - mention The Hollies.  They made a slew of truly fantastic pop singles (and check out the B-sides, many of which are equal to or better than the A-sides: "I've Got A Way Of My Own," "So Lonely," "Don't Run And Hide," "All The World Is Love," "Come On Back," "Like Every Time Before," man...I could go on and on), but never get any attention now because people think they never could get it together for an entire album.  But they did some fantastic obscure stuff on their '60s albums too.  

If you really love pop, your collection is simply not complete without The Zombies' Odessey & Oracle.  As much as I love the Beach Boys, I and a lot of others would place that album above Pet Sounds, even.  

The list I gave in my earlier post was only my assessment of the objective five BEST, by the way.  My PERSONAL favorites?  Top five would have to be:

1.) Genesis
2.) Radiohead
3.) The Who
4.) XTC (if you love pop go out and buy Black Sea and English Settlement TOMORROW)
5.) The Grateful Dead