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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 2
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That's flat out wrong.  Hill has not been "consistent".  He was great before getting hurt.  But he has not been "consistent" since then.  And while Berg was not great by any stretch of the imagination at the beginning of the season, he pulled it together, did great and got hurt.  Came back too soon and wasn't ready so didn't do well at all.  Went out hurt again and has been just as "consistent" as Hill was before he was injured.  So this consistent talk is pure BS and you know i.
Hill actually has been quite consistent.
#s before All Star Break: 50 IP 37 H 18 R 15 ER 2 HR 16 BB 33 SO (3-3, 2.70 ERA)
#s after All Star Break: 47.1 IP 49 H 24 R 22 ER 7 HR 9 BB 32 SO (1-1, 4.18 ERA<---- lower than Jason's ERA on the season)

Jason is very solid, in fact he hasn't lost a game in his last 10 starts which is Excellent, but Hill is still a little better overall.