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Thoughts about the 2005 draft
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Quote from: "Hardball in DC"
There is really no way of knowing until a few years down the road.  Guys who are struggling right now may need time to adapt to improved competition/wood bats/travelling/etc while guys who start out hot may have their weaknesses exploited as they move through the system.  Its at this point, we may want to review the 2003 draft class and turn a closer eye to the 2004 class rather than set too high expectations for the 2005 class

Completley agree.We can't  know with prospects.Most of them come of colleges and hadn't hit with wooden bats.I think, in 2, 3 years, we'll know down the road if the 2005 draft class was good.I never get excited about the prospects do at rookie ball but  I rather look at what they do in a long season (like in Savanna or A advanced)The 2004 draft looks solid with Bray already in New Orleans.Desmond seems to be a promising prospect he lacks plate discipline but has nice tools.He's still 19 and will need more time to Potomac.San Pedro has been disturbed by injuries and is on the dl.He also has been rushed, it's not quite idea to do that to prospects.Though, he struggled in GCL and in Savannah.Lowrance had a good year in Vermont and is producing in Savannah pretty decently.

We drafted Cordero (who's the leader in saves in the MLB), Kory Casto, Baez, Whitesell....looking good.