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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 3
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I love how you find things to remain positive about wpa. I'm over here sulking about our continued woes and about purging this roster (or blowing it up good) and you're seeing the good things that are happening. I guess it's the old half empty/half full and the good thing is that there is something in the cup and that there is room to fill it up more.

I get how that it is - it's very frustrating to be a fan sometimes of a team that has a patchwork triple A rotation, retreads, rookies, spotty offense, spotty defense - but I resolved long ago to just be happy that I have baseball back in my life after 34 years - to not have to schlep to Baltimore anymore to line the pockets of peter the pig - It takes a lot to be a fan of this team, I get that - but I am determined to enjoy ALL the parts of the baseball game - the continued progress of Zim - the pleasant surprise of Dmitri Young, the very pleasant surprise of our very stout bullpen - etc., they'll be more losses than I like - but after 34 years of no baseball, I can wait another year or two for winning baseball ... and when they do win, it's just that much sweeter ...