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Zuck sharing his thoughts on Rendon, from today's Q&A:

Let me say first of all that I loved watching Rendon play baseball. Loved it. But I (and plenty of others who covered the team) didn't love covering him. He just wasn't easy to deal with. Which is not the worst thing in the world. I will never try to insist a player be a media darling if that's not his personality. The only thing I ask is that a player give reporters the same level of respect they're giving him. And at times it felt like Rendon didn't do that. It could come across as playful sometimes, but on occasion it felt like more than that. He just made things unnecessarily difficult, which frustrated a lot of people.

As far as what happened here and what's happened in Anaheim ... my sense is that Anthony hasn't changed all that much. It's just that everyone tended to brush it off when he was playing 150 games a year and consistently delivering in big moments. Since joining the Angels, he's done neither, making his media interactions a lot less easy to brush off.