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No one really focuses on batting average anymore.  It doesn’t correlate directly with scoring runs. Look at OBP and slugging.  That said I don’t think you can expect Coles to turn miracles with guys. For Abrams and Garcia it’s their first full year in the big leagues so there will be ups and downs. That is why it is silly to talk about windows for contending when some of the guys in the minors now will first hit the big leagues. There is an adjustment for most. Nats fans were spoiled by guys like Harper and Rendon. They are the exceptions and not the rule. Same for pitchers. Look at how much better Gray is pitching this year.
Yep. We're 4th in batting average, but 12th in OBP. The other teams in the top 5 are all well above us in OBP and slugging.

Abrams now has more big leage at bats than in the minors. Garcia is into his second full season of at bats. Same for Ruiz. All of these guys have gotten progessively worse as their time in DC has gone on.

Im not saying its time to panic, but its time to be concerned. If we're still seeing this in August then we need to acknowledge a pretty major problem. This cant be the same situation the next couple seasons when we are looking to bring up guys like Hassell, House, and/or Wood