Author Topic: Washington Commanders - get used to it (2023)  (Read 1647 times)

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How has this guy's stewardship of the 76ers and the Devils been so far? I mean, most NFL owners are horrible people, but some are worse than others.

Both the 76ers and Devils have been going through a bit of a resurgence, although playoff success has eluded them so far.

Still, great news.  Our long, national nightmare is over.

Count me among the folks in the "I might just be interested in this team once again" camp.

Literally all he has to do to be a huge improvement is to shut up, hire a decently smart football guy to run the team, and go focus on managing other parts of his empire.

Yep.  Basically take after Steve Bisciotti up in Bmore.  They're in the "multiple championships in the 21st century" club for good reason.