Who does Trea sign with?

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Re: Who Does Trea Turner Sign With?
« Reply #75: January 15, 2023, 07:22:36 PM »
W/r/t Trea, I think less return for trading just Scherzer, re-signing Trea, and keeping Soto may have been the way to go. With a core of Soto and Trea, I think the Nats could have augmented the core and not hard tank like they did. Cubs I think are rebuilding without a hard tank.

Even a best case scenario where Trea signs long term what do you have? You have to hope you can sign Soto in two years. Maybe you resign Bell. So your core is Bell, Garcia, Turner and Soto. You still need a 3rd baseman, left and center fielder, probably a catcher and starting rotation. At that point I think you're the Wizards and relegated to many years of mediocrity.