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Re: 2022 World Cup GDT
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Indeed - but the problem is the restricted numbers of visiting fans. When England and Team USA meet, there'll probably only be about 6 to 7 thousand supporters actually following the teams, in a stadium of 50,000+ capacity. Takes much of the passion out of the atmosphere - how many England and US fans would be there if the game was being played in, say, Germany.... ;)

For Qatar, the issue is more political - they were regarded as a Western supporting nation, in the region, just quietly going under-the-radar. Now they're having to deal with all of the issues, and criticism, which would never have arisen if not for the WC...

And, even against Argentina, I couldn't root for the Journalist Murderers... ;) If Infantino wants to be an apologist for Islamic repression, that's up to him - but it doesn't mean we all have to be. Why root for those whose ideal would be the overthrow of all of the values we hold in the West?
You have not been doing enough atonement for the last 3000 years of your repression.  :hysterical: