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Re: Seth Romero released after many incidents
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OK.  I apologize for not moderating this earlier.  On general principles, phrases that clearly reference profanity (e.g., "shiite," "fuq," etc...) probably should not be in public-facing thread titles.  "A-hole" covers for less of an objectionable word but still is marginal in a thread title.  I let this go because it's not directly profane and I'm inclined to under-do it now than I used to be when we had more traffic.  I think what tips the balance here is that Romero's condition really sounds more like a sickness than a genuine jerkiness.

Question? Was/does Romero have a history of a drinking problem or a habitual drug problem? I thought he was a dude who got in trouble for smoking weed, being a crap teammate, and being lazy. I didn't read to see if his DUI's we're alcohol or other drug induced, but again to back Elvir's point, getting behind the wheel especially today with how easy it is to call ride sharing shows poor and/or bad judgment. Sure, we shouldn't pass judgment on a person none of us know, but there seem to be many check marks in his CONS column rather than his PROS to give you an idea of the person he is.