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Re: Rule 5 draft - 2022
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This isn't strictly Rule 5, but the Reds just non-tendered a dude named Allan Cerda.  He'd been on their 40 man for 2 years and is in AA - so he's their version of Yasel Antuna.

Except he's a lot better than Yasel Antuna - he can play CF and OPSed 250 points higher in AA - he's slightly younger, and because he's now a free agent, he could be signed to a minor league contract and not put on the 40 man.  Many prospect rankings have him as a 45 or 45+ FV and he's been 15-20ish in the Reds system for most of the last couple years.  He's still an actual fringe prospect.

I've seen him a lot.  He has a hole in his swing and really, really struggles with same-side breaking stuff.  He's probably a 4th OF and short side platoon guy - think Jordan Luplow.  But as a 23 year old minor league free agent, you're not likely to ever see much better.