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Re: Rule 5 draft - 2022
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  Looks like his ISO was .180 at AA and will take a walk.  The Ks are high, but that's the case for Robles, too. 

FWIW, a site Elvir won't look at had him as TB's #11 prospect this summer:
FWIW, his 2nd half of the year had a drop in strikeouts in 2022, and he seems to have a lot more trouble making contact with lefties.  Using Elvir's link, he had 40 Ks in 96 ABs vs LHP,  115 in 319 vs RHP; vs LHP - .188 / .339 / .385, vs RHP - .270/.398/.445.

Almost sounds like a guy the Nats could platoon in CF with Thomas (or Robles) if things worked out.

I can confirm that from the eye test, he's hopeless against decent lefties.  But he hits righties and can be the long side of an outfield platoon.