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Re: Rule 5 draft - 2022
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I'm thinking that Alu, Kieboom, Vargas, and maybe something else should all compete for the spot.  I wonder if Kieboom would be healthy, too.  I'm assuming Alu gets kept, maybe ahead of Millas given the position depth.

FWIW, it looks like 3 MLB tools in terms of future value - hit, speed, D.  current 45 hit, 60 speed, 50 field.

a write up on him:

Honestly, I was looking for another 3rd base option, and he seemed the best on the MLB list.   In terms of Rule 5 strategy, I don't know what makes the most sense - perhaps a pitcher off of TJ like Whitlock?  An position player squeezed due to roster depth at his spot (like Millas or this guy)? A toolsy outfielder with a big hole (Wily Mo Pena type)?

I'd put the Nats needs as innings eating starter, corner OF, 3d or 2d base, in that order.  I don't think you can get an innings eater out of Rule 5, so I was interested in the other spots, but could also see a "he throws hard, may as well give him a slot in the bullpen" guy.

I'd almost just watch what the Rays do today and draft the best guy they leave unprotected.  Their 40 is full right now and they have a LOT of guys they need to add, several of whom have already done fine in AA and are young enough to have a lot of upside still.  They might be able to swing a few trades today to clear space, but if not then that's the first place to look.