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Re: Rule 5 draft - 2022
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There's got to be a catcher or two dropped.  They are not going to roster 5 catchers - Ruiz, Adams, Barrera, Pineda, and Millas.  I don't know if Millas showed enough in the AFL, but he'd be a guy I think they could gamble on and not protect, figuring no one is going to keep him on a 26 man roster all year.  Barrera I think is cut.

Both Ferrer and Cronin get kept. 

De La Rosa is an interesting call.  He's not ready.  Perhaps with so many teams facing roster squeezes, they will gamble that no one will waste a 40 man spot for a guy who will be difficult to keep around all year on their 26 man roster.  Taking him means you like him better than the guy you could have kept in the 40 man slot and that you are willing to keep him around as a 5th OF for a year, then have him spend an option year back in the minors in 2024 making up for the playing time he lost at the bottom of your roster in 2023.

Millas will get scooped up.

Its time to trade Barrera or let him walk. He's 28. He's a backup at best (okay, yea, we've said that before).

Pineda's defensive capabilities make him worth keeping and trying to develop is bat. Millas is going to be a stud, and likely our Ruiz replacement.