Author Topic: Nationals Players Booed at Nats Park  (Read 1022 times)

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Re: Nationals Players Booed at Nats Park
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I just read about Dukes wiki page, and that person is totally messed up.  I can’t imagine he was ever a good teammate.  Kind of like Papelbon, but 100 times worse.

Elijah Dukes was from a very rough part of Tampa - similar to Southeast DC prior to the stadium getting built. There's a reason he bounced from high school to high school despite being a generational talent in Tampa. Getting drafted by the Rays was the worst thing that could have happened to him. It kept him close to home and the hood that raised him. If he had gone to Toronto in the draft (far from Tampa), I would be willing to say Elijah would have been putting the finishing touches on a HOF career. 

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Re: Nationals Players Booed at Nats Park
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I wonder if Biden will finally throw out a first pitch next season. Even from the blue seats at Nats Park the chants of Let's Go Brandon would ring out.

The Freotte return game was in the playoffs (same day as the Music City Miracle), it was bitter cold, they played Bang Your Head over and over that day.

I was at that playoff game. My father and I scored tickets on Ticketmaster and they were super-nosebleeds in the howling wind. Fun game to attend, though. Also the last NFL game I've been to and the last football game I've been to at FedEx. I've been to a soccer game there (Chelsea at DC United) and to a few concerts, but no more football games. For the last concert we attended there, U2 in 2017, parking was $60 cash. I'm not too inclined to go back, but I would if there were a concert I wanted to attend. Thankfully, the main performer I'm interested in seeing who plays stadiums (Bruce Springsteen) has gone to Nats Park instead the last few times. He played FedEx once, back in 2003, and I think he decided the stadium was just too big because he hasn't gone there again.