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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 2
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All four homers that Gray gave up were belt-high pitches near the center of the plate. :glug: Seems we might have another one unable to learn from his mistakes much less develop into a savvy competitor.
I never liked Gray but I was hopeful he would develop into a decent #4 now #5 starter. He throws his breaking pitches uphill and is belt-high in the center of the plate WAY TOO OFTEN. It appears he hasn’t yet learned much about pitching and relies on raw ability without any smarts. Hard to watch. :hang: If I were Gray’s pitching coach, the Nationals Human Resoures Department would be sending me to Sensitivity Training today.

Tired vs dumb azz??? 🤔
These pitchers are now all trained to throw their four seem fast balls up in the zone. He just has to do a better job locating. Don’t give up on him yet.