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Re: Follow the Prospects: James Wood, OF
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maybe because it is spread over 6' 7", but he looked a lot more rail-like than I expected for somebody who is 240 pounds.  If he fills out closer to Judge than Dunn he shouldn't be too  bulky and lose speed.

Agreed. Important to remember that he’s still a teen lol. I don’t expect him to add too much in terms of additional weight going forward (perhaps another 5-10 pounds) but his body is going to change quite a bit in terms of weight distribution/definition. At the end of this yellow brick road is a monster.

Btw, Green is a physical beast right now and Wood makes him look like a normal sized prospect when they’re standing next to each other.

Not that this counts for much (at least not at the moment), but it’s not an exaggeration to state that the Nats have the toolsiest outfield prospects of any organization in baseball. Wood, Green and Vaquero are rare physical specimens with truly, truly exalted ceilings.