Author Topic: Follow the Prospects: Robert Hassell III, OF  (Read 1382 times)

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I'll be curious about how quick he moves up.  Do they hold off his debut until 2024 to get more peak years?  Do they try to bring him up with others in a batch / class?  dribbling in Abrams, Hassell, and De La Rosa (one of these things is not like the others) in '22 and '23, before Wood, House, Green, begins to chew up years of control.  I do wonder how hard nosed the new leadership is going to be about team control and arb.  Lerner/Rizzo seemed oblivious to Super 2 status, for example. 
The Nationals spent the 2010's trying to win. It was "Win Now" for almost 10 years. I'd have been mad if he played with Super 2 when the goal was to win that season.

As Elvir pointed out, we're a ways away from worrying about those guys being called up. But if they all start progressing and start hitting in AA and AAA, I think you'll see the Nats be a bit more strategic than they were in the 2010's.