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Re: Follow the Prospects: Jake Alu, 3B
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Kieboom has never shown that he can play 3B or hit major league pitching. Vargas should own the job, with Alu in Rochester and Kieboom getting a chance in Spring Training. It looks like the Nats have given Kieboom so many chances because he was a 1st rounder. Otherwise, he would be in Rochester and would be one of the next to be DFA'd.

To be fair, Kieboom gets more shots in part because he was so young when he came up.  Despite having been around a while and flopping, he's still younger than Alu. 

That said, it's time to give Alu a shot on an equal basis with Kieboom.  I wouldn't expect too much from either of them, but Alu has at least earned a shot.