Author Topic: Break up the Juggernaut: 2022 Trade Deadline thoughts, & rumors  (Read 5506 times)

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I mean, we’re moving a guy with 2.5 years left because they don’t want to pay him. It’s the exact same thing. I don’t know man, it just seems like everyone who’s in the tank to trade Soto has an excuse for everything. It’s just weird.
The Guardians have the youngest team in the majors and are 49-47. That's a core you add to, especially with the expanded playoff.

I'm supportive of looking to deal Soto this deadline, but even I would think a trade was unacceptable if the team was in a position to make a run this year or in the next couple. I was always against a Harper trade. I wanted to maximize every bit of team control since the Nationals looked to be contenders through his contract.