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He’s a restricted free agent. Worst case is you match an over pay and you have salary that you can trade to make a deal work. In the NBA, just having guys making $15 million gives you options in trade
Yea but they want to sign Kuzma and KP and therefore have no money for that as Ted does not want to pay the luxury tax. And a year later same decisions on Deni. You really can’t pay a guy $15 million or more to be a bench player. He reminds me of Kwamie Brown in a way because he doesn’t seem to love the game. Just playing it because he is a big dude with some shooting talent. But generally only mid range. Under 34 percent from three this year.

If it was up to me I would extend Rui and hope he can improve his game and let Kuzma walk. And KP. But that’s not how they operate   They want to sell a big three of Beal, Kuzma and KP that could win 40 games in a good year.