Author Topic: Race to the Bottom: 2023 #1 Pick  (Read 4897 times)

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Re: Race to the Bottom: 2023 #1 Pick
« Reply #25: July 15, 2022, 09:18:14 PM »
I don’t understand why tanking is looked at so negatively? As a fan, it’s rough for a while and then as the talent builds up things get better and then you go on your run. Not everyone is the Yankees and dodgers and can just outspend everybody. Basically all they’re doing is hurting small market teams. It’s just dumb.
2 reasons I can think of. First, it really is not necessary and mostly doesn't work in baseball. Houston, and maybe the Cubs, but those teams had a lot going for them besides the high picks. Tampa has had 15 years of pretty sustained success without tanking and they are low budget. Giants aren't built around the products of tanking. So this idea you have to tank and that's a good way to build is not true in a game where your pipeline is your minors and not a bunch of high firsts. Second reason people object to tanking in baseball is it is such a long season and the nightly stink is tough to take